Green Maids Cleaning, LLC serves Southern Maine, the Seacoast of New Hampshire and the North Shore of Massachusetts.

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At Green Maids Cleaning, LLC we are committed to providing you with the cleanest environment possible using only products that are natural and completely safe for kids, pets and the earth.  Many of today’s traditional household cleaning products release harmful chemicals into our earth. These chemicals often find their way into the air, water and soil when we wash them down our drains. They can deplete the ozone layer and be damaging to plants, animals and humans.

We have done the research and have created a tried and true Green Clean process that really works.  The Green Clean process has created a highly effective and amazingly safe cleaning process to protect our clients and our planet from the harmful toxins found in common cleaning products. In order to meet our high Green Clean standards we put each product through vigorous tests before using them in any home.

Earth Friendly Products
We only use products that are guaranteed to be all-natural, biodegradable, earth friendly, non-toxic and safe for your home. Please find listed below some of things we look for in our cleaning products.

  • All products are certified by Green Seal or another recognized organization to be free from carcinogens, reproductive toxins, neurotoxins and other ingredients which can cause health problems.
  • We only buy from manufacturers and retailers that are environmentally responsible.
  • We do not use any products that have been tested on animals.
  • All products must be guaranteed to be all-natural, biodegradable and safe for our planet.
  • And most important of all our products must be human and animal safe.

Microfiber Cloths
We use microfiber cloths instead of traditional cloths or paper towels. Microfiber is more effective at removing dust, dirt, germs and other household messes and because microfiber cloths last longer it cuts down on environmental waste.

Pro-Team Vacuum
Unlike ordinary vacuums that spew dust and allergens back into the air, harming your indoor air quality, Green Maids Cleaning only uses Pro-Team vacuums, which use a Four Level Filtration system that captures up to 99.9% of dust, bacteria, mold spores and dander. Pro-Team vacuums vastly exceed all industry regulation testing standards set by the Carpet & Rug Institute and the requirements of the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED rating system on performance and filtration.

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Did You Know?
9 out of 10 poison exposures are suspected to be from household products.

According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) 50% of all illness can be traced to indoor pollution, which can be directly related to the use of household/chemical based cleaners.

The hazardous chemicals in most household cleaners today are known to contaminate the ground and surface water, impact septic systems, enter storm water and cause fish kills, injure garbage collectors and add to the flammability and toxic effects of house fires.

Sources: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

We use Certified Products at green maid cleaning services nh
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