Green Maids Cleaning, LLC serves Southern Maine, the Seacoast of New Hampshire and the North Shore of Massachusetts.

The Green Maids Deep Clean Process

Our Deep Cleaning process was created to make sure that not only is your home completely clean, but also that it is cleaned in a responsible and green manner.  The Deep Clean Process is based on a multi-step plan that ensures that you get the best green clean possible.

We pioneered this Deep Clean process to make sure that not only are our teams meeting the high expectations of our clients but to also meet our own high standards for green cleaning.  This process allows us without fail to ensure each home is properly clean to give that “welcome home” feeling when you walk through the door after one of our residential deep cleans.

We Only Use Green Products to Ensure Your Clean is Green

When you come home after our team has cleaned you can breathe easy knowing it was cleaned using our tried and true green cleaning techniques and products.  Our team will clean every surface in your home on every visit to ensure that it meets your standards every time.

If a clean home and healthy planet is important to your family then Green Maids is the cleaning company for you.  Please contact us today to schedule a Deep Clean of your home or office.

Deep cleaning
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