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Green Tip: Artificial Grass

If you’re someone who likes to have a green lawn, you likely also spend a lot of time and money to keep it that way. Between mowing, weeding and watering, our lawns need a lot of care! And that care impacts the environment, which is why many people are moving to install artificial lawns. They’re not only easier to maintain, but they’re better for the Earth.

Save on Water
Your lawn needs a lot of water to stay healthy and green. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, we use over 4 billion gallons of water a day for lawn irrigation. That’s a lot!

Save on Pesticides and Fertilizers
Many people use harmful chemicals to keep their lawns growing and free of bugs. But those pesticides and fertilizers can run off our lawns and into waterways, impacting our drinking water and recreation spaces.

Save on Time
With an artificial lawn, your time to maintain it goes way down! No more mowing, wedding, trimming, watering or seeding. Think of all the other things you could be doing! (Like enjoying it.)

Save on Money
Water, fertilizer, lawn equipment… it all costs money! With an artificial lawn, you’ll save money long-term on those expenses.

Would you consider an artificial lawn?

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