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Green Tip: Green Your Town

You’re mindful of sustainability at home, but can you do anything to make the community you live in more green? The short answer is yes! Here are some ways you can encourage your town to be more eco-friendly:
If you live in a city or area where individual yard space is scarce, consider planting a community garden. Not only will neighbors get the benefit of homegrown veggies and flowers, but bringing people together will foster friendships and build a sense of community.

Encourage walking and cycling. Advocating for bike lanes and public parks in your town will allow more people to leave the car at home, reducing the environmental impact from toxic emissions.

Reduce food waste. A whopping 70% of food that Americans buy ends up in the trash. Talk to local restaurants and grocery stores about starting a redistribution program to food pantries or shelters to cut back on wasted food.

Support local growers. Food production is the largest source of carbon emissions. Buying from farms, farmer’s markets, or joining a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a great way to eat healthier and do good for the planet. Talk to community leaders and local growers about how to promote more sustainable food options.

Make it easier to reduce, reuse and recycle. Advocate for curbside or municipal recycling and curbside compost pickup if your town doesn’t offer these. Partner with schools or other community organizations to initiate recycling drives for items like electronics and appliances.

Reuse. Organize a neighborhood swap or freecycle program to find new homes for gently used clothing, toys, and household goods that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Give new life to one-time use items like prom dresses, Halloween costumes, and baby gear by donating.

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