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Green Tip: Limit Paper Towel Use

How many paper towels do you go through in one week? It’s probably more than you think and impacts the environment more than you know! While you don’t have to give up paper towels completely, studies done at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) show that making changes to our paper towel consumption does have a positive impact on the environment.

When scientists compared the seven most common methods for drying hands, they found that paper towel use generates 70% more carbon emissions than cold air-driven hand dryers.

No need to rush out and get yourself a hand dryer (where do you even start to shop for one of those?), just switch out paper towels for a cotton towel. Using a cotton towel is 48% more eco-friendly than drying off with a paper towel.

So next time you’re going to dry off your hands, reach for a cotton hand towel and work to decrease your overall paper towel consumption.

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