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Reduce Energy Consumption: Unplug Your Electronics

Have you ever heard of a thing called “Vampire Power”? It’s a term used for the constant draw of electricity by idle devices and electronics. We never think about the steady drip of energy used by your tv, microwave, printer, etc. when they aren’t in use, but that toll on your electricity bill is always lurking around every corner of your house. The statistics are staggering: It’s estimated that in the US alone, the yearly cumulative energy draw on idle electronics would be the equivalent to the production of 12 power plants combined.

If unplugging your electronics every day is a bit of a hassle – which is understandable – consider investing in power strips. Flipping the switch on a power strip into “standby” mode has the same effect as unplugging each device from an outlet and will put an end to the threat of any Vampire Power in your home.

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