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Reducing Waste: More Rags, Less Paper Towels

This is an important tip that falls in the category of “practice what you preach.” For years now, Green Maids Cleaning has abandoned the paper towel in favor of the microfiber cloth for cleaning surfaces. This simple act eliminates so much waste. If the average US family would cut back on their paper towel usage by 3 rolls per year, it would eliminate a remarkable 120,000 tons of waste. Paper towels alone create nearly 254 million tons of trash around the globe each year. Think of how light just one roll of paper towels is – let that sink in!

If microfiber cloths aren’t on your shopping list as of yet, try cutting up old t-shirts to use as rags. I mean, if they’re already gathering dust in your closest, why not put them to work on your kitchen counters and achieve the same goal?

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