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Tile, Hardwood & Carpets – We Do It All!

If anyone knows how to clean tile floors, carpets, and hardwood floors – it’s us! Our team of routinely scheduled cleaners are experts at floor cleaning in New Hampshire and Maine. To ease the stress of cleaning your home and business, we wrote out a few of our tips for cleaning floors.

Tile Floors

Tile is one of the best flooring solutions for a home or business. It’s durable, can add flair to any room, and is relatively easy to clean. If you have tile in an entryway, mudroom, bathroom, or kitchen, the spaces between your tiles are likely to get dirty.

Luckily, cleaning grout is easier than you think! First, grab a stiff-bristled brush and some warm water. Pour the warm water onto the grout lines and scrub in a circular motion. Let it dry for a few minutes, and then grab vinegar and more warm water. Fill a spray bottle with a mix of water and vinegar and then spray it directly on the grout while letting it soak in for 5 minutes. Next, scrub with a stiff brush and repeat if needed. Staying ahead of your grout stains is the key to a clean floor. Spraying the floor a few times a week with vinegar and water can help dilute the stains and improve the appearance of your floors.

Hardwood Floors

Preserve your hardwood floors by sweeping or using a vacuum to remove dirt, dust, and pet hair. If you have pets and children, you may need to vacuum more than once a week. After vacuuming or sweeping, take out your mop with a reusable microfiber pad! Grab a spray bottle and fill it with water and a capful of white vinegar. A lot of microfiber mops come with a bottle attached for more of a spray and go.


Cleaning carpets can be challenging. If you have an old stain that’s been set in for years, it’s almost impossible to get it out. To remove old carpet stains, we recommend trying to rehydrate the original stain. This will allow you to clean the stain as if it just happened. However, when cleaning your carpet it’s important to remember that you should never scrub a stain. Scrubbing a stain can push the stains deeper into the carpet fibers and make it harder to get out. Make sure you’re blotting and working from the outside in and using a reusable cloth. The best mixing solution we have found to be is water and dish soap. This solution won’t stain and if you let the solution sit for a few minutes, the soap will dilute the stain. If this solution doesn’t get the toughest stains out, try adding vinegar to the solution. The acidity in the vinegar will help break apart the stains.

If you are interested in how we could apply these green cleaning techniques and others to your floors at home, and you live in the Seacoast of NH or Southern Maine region, contact our team at or call us at (603) 610-7876 to set up a routine cleaning for your property.

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