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6 Eco-Friendly Tips for Cleaning Granite Countertops

Granite countertops have been becoming more popular than ever in Seacoast New Hampshire homes,  and it is easy to see why!

This natural stone is not only beautiful, but extremely durable, scratch resistant and handles heat well, making it an ideal material for a countertop.

Effectively cleaning granite counters and keeping them stain-free is a must have skill for any residential cleaning company, but especially important for the Green Maids, who call New Hampshire, nicknamed “The Granite State”, home. Without further ado, here are our top tips for cleaning granite countertops in an eco-friendly manner.

#1 Act Quickly

If possible, be quick to wipe away spills. Even if the granite has been sealed, it is still a good idea to clean up spills as soon as possible and not give them a chance to absorb into the stone’s surface.

#2 Avoid Harsh Products

Avoid using harsh products like bleach or ammonia. We also recommend to stay away from Windex or vinegar when cleaning granite as the acid in these liquids can break down and deteriorate the sealant.

#3 Make a Simple DIY Granite Cleaner

Do use a simple DIY granite cleaner. Mix together water and dish soap (we recommend an eco-friendly dish soap) in a spray bottle. As simple as that sounds, it will make a great granite cleaner. This is a fine alternative to typical store bought granite cleaners which are often expensive and contain toxic chemicals. *Optional: Add a few drops of lemon essential oil to give the cleaner a fresh natural fragrance without the citric acid of lemon juice.

#4 Use a Microfiber Cloth

Avoid using abrasive scrubbing sponges as they can leave scratch marks and may wear down the counter’s sealant. Instead, use a microfiber cleaning cloth. They are much easier to clean with and also cut down on environmental waste from the use of paper towels.

#5 Get Tough Stains Out with a Baking Soda Paste

For extra tough stains, combine baking soda and water and work into a paste. Spread the simple paste on the stained area and leave overnight. By morning, the baking soda should have pulled out much of the stain.

#6 Wipe the Granite Dry

Finally, after cleaning, always make sure to wipe the counters dry. Even though granite is less porous than most stones it will still absorb moisture which can cause lasting stains.

We hope you find our granite countertop cleaning tips helpful. Use these easy tips and a little elbow grease and you will be able to enjoy your investment for years to come. As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions or contact us about our green cleaning services.

Green Maids founded in 2009 is a residential and commercial green cleaning company that services southern Maine and the New Hampshire Seacoast. Green Maids’ goal is to provide a superior clean and excellent customer service while using today’s most Eco-friendly products and methods. All the products we use are guaranteed to be all-natural, biodegradable, earth friendly, non-toxic and safe for your home.

John O’Brien – Owner – Green Maids

Green Maids John with Clean Granite Countertop
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