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Conserve Water: Be Mindful of How Long You Spend in the Shower

We know, we know… some parents with teenagers might have just had milk shooting from their noses laughing so hard when they read that headline. But hear us out! The average shower uses 5-10 gallons of water per minute. When you factor in a 15–20-minute shower and then do some basic 4th grade math, you can start to see how much water consumption we take for granted. We won’t even discuss the energy used to heat all that water… that’s a topic for another day.

Maybe next time just before you hop in the shower, set a game plan – focus on the necessary time to get yourself clean, wash your hair, rinse, and then call it a day. Or set a goal to take quick showers throughout the week and treat yourself to one longer shower on Saturday or Sunday. And for those of you with teenagers – we might suggest locating the hot water shut-off valve in your house. It might come in handy to help prove a point, but you didn’t hear it from us…

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