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Green Tip: Rain Barrels!

A hot and dry summer in New England means we’re more likely to hit drought status and have water bans implemented in our towns. A water ban means that excessive water use, like utilizing a sprinkler for your lawn or garden, is banned or limited. It’s necessary to ensure that households have access to running water for basic needs like bathing, cooking and drinking. But that means that your lawn and garden can suffer!

Rain barrels come with a lot of benefits and can be easily installed yourself or through a local gutter company or contractor. 

1. You’ll conserve rainwater for use on your lawn or garden. Average rainfall of one inch per 24 hours can result in more than 700 gallons of water that runs off your house! You can also use it for other things like washing your car, walkways, sidewalks and more. 

2. Reduce runoff pollution and erosion. When rainwater flows freely from your downspouts, it can pick up pesticides, fertilizers, oil and more and carry them to local waterways. Collecting it limits that runoff and helps the environment!

3. Save on your water bill. If you’re not using your hose or sprinklers as much (or not allowed to due to a water ban) you’ll save money on your water bill! 

Talk to your gutter company or purchase a rain barrel yourself online and start saving water and money!

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