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Green Tip: Refill Stores

The way we purchase and consume food plays a huge role in climate change. Not just food waste, which ends up in landfills and generates methane, a potent greenhouse gas, but also our food packaging. The creation of food packaging, like plastic containers and bags, plays a big role as well. We all work to limit our food waste and recycle as much packaging as we can, but sometimes throwing things out is inevitable. Or is it? 

More and more refill stores are popping up across the country, which allow you to purchase items in bulk without the packaging (you bring your own reusable containers!). It’s a great way to limit your packaging waste and purchase only the amount food you really need. We love our local choices here on the Seacoast, and hope you’ll check them out! 

Portsmouth, NH – The Refill Station
Kittery, ME – We Fill Good Seacoast
NH / ME – Leave No Trace Refillery (mobile!)

Where is your favorite refill store?

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