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Green Tip: Teach Kids About Green Living

Have you talked with the kids in your life about how they can also live a greener lifestyle? There are a lot of small things that kids can do to help make a positive impact on our environment and introducing these concepts early can create lifelong habits! 

  1. Make sure they turn off lights when they’re leaving a room
  2. Have them turn off the water when they’re brushing their teeth 
  3. Purchase reusable food baggies or containers for lunches rather than single use plastic baggies
  4. Hold a swap with friends – they can swap clothes, books, toys and more! 
  5. Keep a pile of scrap paper (old bills, junk mail) for kids to doodle or color on 
  6. Plant a vegetable garden with the seeds from vegetables
  7. Bring them to a refill store and teach them about reducing plastic use

There are so many fun things you can do with kids to teach them about living a greener life. What do you do in your home to promote being eco-conscious? Let us know on our Facebook page!

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